Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My AH-HAH Moment & Writing Challenges

      So yesterday, I joined a couple of pages/groups on Facebook.  Article Writing Challenge and Ultra Blog Challenge.  The goal for these two groups is to post 30 articles/blog posts in 30 days and to network with other bloggers & writers.  You write your articles/blog posts and then share it to the page for others to see and in return you visit their pages and that way everyone's views gets boosted, as well as some nice enough to comment.

      So I will be posting as much as possible over the next month, in order to make posting a habit that I will stick to.  Which brings me to the next order of business...

      Yesterday, I read an article by Crystal Touchton on her site:  http://crystaltouchton.com/consistency-in-business-challenge/

It was about one year of consistent action to build your online business.  She shared that consistency is something she struggles with in everyday life, not just in business.  Thank you for sharing Crystal!

      Ladies and Gentlemen:  AH-HAH!  I had never really given this idea much thought until I read her post yesterday...  This is definitely a problem I have.  Don't get me wrong, I love the concept and I can start on something like nobody's business, and I will EVENTUALLY finish it.  But consistently working on something, is hard for me.  I know that part of it is because we have so much going on right now.  But I've had this problem for as long as I can remember.  For example:  In high school, when given a project that would be due in two weeks,  I would work really hard on it for the first couple days, then think to myself: "Hey, I'm ahead of the game, now I can take it easy and it'll be a piece of cake."  Then, the night before it was due, I'd sit and stare at it for two hours trying to figure out my original direction and being frustrated at myself for not keeping on it.  It may have taken someone else realizing it in themselves and writing about it before I realized the problem, but now that I have I know it's something I need to work on.  Nowadays I still have the problem, only it's more along the lines of : "Hey I washed, dried and folded six loads of laundry today, that's a lot, I will just put it away tomorrow."  Then tomorrow comes and I have a ton of other things I want to get done, so putting the laundry away again takes a backseat (partially because for whatever reason I hate putting it away and five people create a lot of laundry!), until all of a sudden the baskets of clean laundry have turned into baskets of dirty laundry.

      So I'm using this blog challenge to hold myself accountable.  To work on my consistency, and to get myself back on track.  Do you struggle with consistency too?


  1. Thank you :) It's funny, but I could have wrote the part about laundry. I have had a handle on it pretty good for about 2 weeks, and what helped me is that I learned to delegate dish duty 4 days a week. I have also started a task list of things I have to do every day. It's still evolving for both work and home. You'll get there. You have a lot on your plate right now. Babysteps. I can hear flylady preaching to me now about baby steps. :)

  2. I'm really bad with consistency in everything. I get burned out too easily! So I've been working on a schedule where I have different tasks each day so I don't get burned out on any one thing.