Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to Couponing

      I've started buying newspapers for couponing again.  I'm so excited to be getting back to the things I love.  Today I bought four newspapers.  That seems to be a pretty good number for my family of five.  Although I do use to watch for diaper coupons.  When they are in the paper I usually buy eight, since we have two in diapers.  Not to mention that in this house, we go through wipes like nobody's business.

      I'm ashamed to say that I let a lot of great coupons expire when I took this break. 32 inserts to be exact.  And that's not even counting all the ones I had clipped and organized in my binder.  And now, from only having the coupons from this Sunday's paper, my binder seems quite empty...

      On the upside, I only couponed for about six months before taking my break and I just recently had to start buying things again.  That means that in six months time, I gathered a stockpile that lasted us almost five months!  Now I'm super excited to see how fast it will grow again!

      Do you coupon?  How about stockpile?


  1. Good luck at building your binder up again. Couponing isn't such a big thing over here and not many papers have them in--at least from what I've noticed. I have an app on my phone and get student discount when we go out.

  2. I wish we had the great coupon deals over here. I love watching those Extreme Couponing shows where people end up spending pennies for a truck load of shopping.

  3. I love couponing, but gave it up some time ago because of how long it took me. I'd like to start back, but on a smaller scale. We don't use many boxed products, but it saves a ton on cleaning supplies. Good luck getting your stockpile built up again!