Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Mini CVS Haul Today!!! Out of Pocket: $15.17 & Earned $12.00ECB's back

           Today I went to CVS & did two transactions.  My out of pocket cost: $15.17, with $12.00 in ECBs earned towards my next transaction!  If you count those it's like I paid $3.17!!!

            In my first transaction I purchased five boxes of 18 count Playtex Sport Tampons.  I used (5)$2.00/1 coupons and my 25% off email coupon and paid just $11.97 including tax out of pocket (saved $16.87), and earned $10.00 in ECBs for my next trip.

            In my second transaction I purchase one 3 count CVS Toothbrush for $3.20 including tax out of pocket, and earned $2.00 in ECBs for my next trip.  

            All in all I think it was a pretty good trip!  I had a blast shopping, I always do when I get such great deals.  I added these items to my stockpile, it grows every week!  Have a great day everyone and of course,  Happy Couponing!!!

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