Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Haul of the Week

          This week I visited three stores to do my couponing.  My totals before coupons and discounts was $63.56.  After all coupons and discounts I only spent $24.00 out of pocket.

          At CVS I did two separate transactions so I could roll my ECBs.  My first transaction was:

  • 2 Robitussin ($4.95 each) - (2 x $3.00/1Qs)
  • 1 Advil ($3.99 each) - ($1.00/1Q)
I also used my $1.50 ECB earned from my spending last quarter.  My total out of pocket was $5.23 and I earned $3.00 in ECBs.
          My second transaction:
  • 2 Dove Bodywash ($4.00 each) - (2 x $2.00/1Qs) 
Then I also used the #3.00 ECBs I earned from the first transaction, bringing my total out of pocket for transaction two down to:  $1.54.

          Next I went to Krogers:
  • 2 Snuggle Dryer Sheets ($2.99 each) - (2 x $0.50/1Qs that doubled)
My total out of pocket for those: $4.32.

          My last stop on the coupon train for this week was at Walmart, where I purchased:
  • 4 Axe Deodorant ($3.88 each) - (4 x $2.00/1Qs)
  • 2 Chapstick ($0.98 each) - ($1.00/2Q)
  • 1 Li'l Critters Gummy Vitamins ($3.98 each) - ($1.00/1Q)
Making my total out of pocket at Walmart: $12.91.

By going to those three stores I saved $39.56 total. It was a pretty great weekend for me.  Stay tuned in to this blog & I will continue posting my hauls each week!  Happy Couponing!

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