Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Kroger Haul 11-9-13 Total Out of Pocket: $46.97, Total before all discounts: $85.69

          I made a nice little trip to Kroger tonight.  My before coupons and discounts total including tax was $85.69.  After coupons and discounts I paid $46.97....  Not bad considering what I all purchased.

          The Softstix Pretzels were $2.69 each, so were the SuperPretzels.  The Krusteaz were all $2.50 each, but were part of the mega event (Buy 10, save $5.00).  The Crescent Rolls were $2.19 each, also part of the mega event.  The Cheerios were $3.44 each, the Trix were $3.89 each.  Then the snuggle was $2.99 each & part of the mega event.  The All was also $2.99 each and part of the mega event.
           I used:  2x 50¢/1 SoftStixs, 2x 50¢/1 SuperPretzels, 4x 55¢/1 Krusteaz Muffins or Crumb Cake, 4x 55¢/1 Krusteaz Pankcake Mix, 1x 40¢/2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, 1x $1.00/2 Cheerios, 3x 75¢/1 Trix, 2x 50¢/1 Snuggle and 4x $2.00/2 All Detergent. 

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