Thursday, September 26, 2013


          Hi!  My name is Brittany, and I am really glad you've found me.  I'm here to share my journey of Homemaking, Couponing, Frugality, my favorite recipes, and how my family of five lives on about $30,000.00 a year.  

          I am a happily married, modern- day housewife (although my husband Tommy sometimes wishes I was more like a 1950's style), and mother to three handsome princes, whom I have always called by animal nicknames: Turtle (aka Thomas or TJ). Did your mother ever utter the phrase "Someday I hope you have a child just like you."?  Yep, that phrase really works, that's where Prince Turtle comes in.  He's my spunky four year old who hasn't stopped talking once since he started.  He's never met a stranger and loves anyone who will just spend time chatting with him.  Next there's Mouse(aka Lexton), my wonderful almost two year old.  He's quiet and prefers to just hang out by himself and do his own things.  He's absolutely stubborn (which he gets honest from both sides) and will only do things when he wants to.  Then there's Monkey(aka Cullen) , my adorable three month old. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.  Just look at him and smile and he smiles back and giggles.  As long as he's getting someone's attention he's in absolute heaven.  And then there's Princess Jayde; our prissy Chihuahua.  

          I share lots of tips and tricks to help save you money, including couponing tips and match ups; and will be posting deals I find each week.  

          I will share tips I have found helpful with raising boys, especially when it comes to potty training and preparing them for school.  Including fun learning activities, crafts and science experiments.  And, of course our misadventures.

          I'm sure there will be lots more as we go on this journey, and I hope you join me and take this opportunity to enjoy everything I have to share.  And if there's anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask!

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